Light and heavy metal constructions

Foundations, substructures


Ladders, Landings, Handrails

Pipe lines installation

Pressure vessels installation

Industrial insulation (metal and non-metal)

Equipment and machinery installation

Pipe line

Equipment and machinery installation subcontracting at:

  • AGROPOLYCHIM Jsc. the biggest Bulgarian producer of fertilizers.
    • Installation of transport equipment and machinery. 
  • Solvay Sodi Jsc. the biggest plant at Solvay group and producer of soda ash. The conveyor belt is located in Solvay Sodi AD, Devnya
    • Extension of conveyor belt GTL 8, Varov workshop, Rope-fuel sector.
    • The conveyor belt is 800 mm wide and 310 m long.
  •  Devnya cement Jsc.  Biggest cement producer in Bulgaria.
    • Installation of transport  equipment and machinery.  
  • Port of Varna.
    • Assembly of mobile grain conveyors, max. load capacity 1000t / hour.
  • Odessos shipyard, Varna, Bulgaria.
    • BWTS Equipment installation. 
  • Constanta Shipyard, Constanta, România.
    • BWTS Equipment installation. 
  • Aurubis Bulgaria Jsc.
    • Mounting redler conveyor.