Our Company

GAL-IV LTD is a company specialized in mechanical & piping  in industrial and marine business sectors.

Main activities:

  1. Oil & Gas projects – pipe spools & supports – pre-fabrication and site erection.
  2. Power plants – Pipe lines & Metal constructions pre-fabrication and site erection.
  3. Shipbuilding – Hull sections – pre – fabrication and site erection.
  4. Shiprepair – Pipe spools for WBTS – Retrofit Projects-Steel Renew-Mechanical-Pipe works.


Pipe pre-fabrication & Metal constructions on Bulgarian territory:

  Work shop for Stainless steel production – 500 m2 Cover-Area.

  Work shop for Carbon steel production – 450 m2 Cover-Area.


Site erection – outside the territory of Bulgaria

  Pipe fitters, Welders – TIG/MIG/MAG, Hull Fitters, Grinders, Isolation workers.

  All workers are with VCA/SCC safety certification and trainings.

  All workers are with professional certificates required for projects.